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Brain Food

Brain foodOur brain is the most vital organ of the body and it requires proper nutrition to function effectively. The right foods can fuel the brain, enhance memory, concentration and overall mental health. The focus of this article is to explore the concept of brain food and its potential to enhance cognitive function . . . read more


10 out of 10 for taste and 0 for presentation

Just published three very different Cheesecake recipes. My family and friends are fighting for more!


Cooking can be fun and the more you learn . . .

Do you enjoy the fun of cooking or cooking to impress? Whatever the answer here are two recipes to enjoy:

Just two recipes form Walnut Grove Cooking Vacations run by chefs Maynard Harvey and Emerson Farrar . . . cook, tour and learn during the days, and each evening, sit down to gastronomic delights and fine wines.


Biscotti or Cantuccini Biscuits Recipe

Last Christmas my wife's Christmas list, among other things, included Biscotti. So as a stocking filler I thought I would get her some. Easier said than done.

Biscotti (which means twice cooked) are Italian almond biscuits which originally came from the city of Prato, in Tuscany. These days Cantuccini is the more commonly used name for the biscuits, although I think Biscotti is easier to remember.

I eventually tracked some down in Marks & Spencer where they are called Cantuccini. They seemed quite pricey to me.

So that started me thinking that perhaps I should put my baking hat on. I looked at various recipes but none produced what I wanted, but with a bit of experimenting, and my wife as the guinea pig, I came up with my version of the recipe for Biscotti or Cantuccini Biscuits . . . see recipe


Favourite soup recipes

Do you cook with Shallots?

Shallots are such a versatile vegetable and are great to cook with. Here are a few ways in which to enjoy them with some quick to prepare recipes:


Always something new to make or learn

What I love about cooking is there is so much variety and so much to try your hand, from the simple to the exotic. Only a couple of weeks ago I cam across a mention about Banana Bread and realsied I did not know what it was, nor had I ever made it. as you would I assumed it was some sort of breda falvoured with banana. Wrong! Have a look at the Banana Bread recipe.

Banana Bread


Gardening - Grow your own Veg

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes”

This is a new section for Hub-UK and seems a natural part of a site about food . . . growing your own vegetables.

Articles and guides will appear here as and when they are received from a contributor or as I have time to write them. They will not necessarily be published at the time of year they relate to but hopefully in due course they will build into a complete guide on how to grow your own vegetables.

The latest article is about growing your own Leeks (with a little Welsh history). Have a look at How to grow Leeks.


Eating Together by Chef Jonathan Arthur

We have all been told how important it is to eat together, how nobody does it any more, that we all just graze the fridge or snack on unhealthy junk food. It is implied, or stated that the absence of required communal feeding times will lead to the breakdown of the family, atomization of society and the resultant fall of western civilisation. Rapacious heathen hoards, now massed at our gates, are about to invade our depraved and decadent cities, no doubt strengthened by a proper breakfast where they all talk to one another in a civilized manner and finish their porridge . . . read more


What the . . . ? Freekeh?

Have you heard about freekeh? Freekeh is the new super grain hitting the UK. Healthy, versatile and cooked in just twenty minutes, freekeh has a lot to offer. It can be added to soups, used in a pilaf, provide a base for a warm salad, served as a simple side dish and plenty more. Unlike other grains freekeh has . . . read more


Do you enjoy Indian cooking?

If you do you might enjoy the article entitled Indian Cooking . . . how did it become so popular? and at the bottom you will find links to the most popular Indian dishes so that you can have a go at cooking them for yourself . . . Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Rogan Josh, Malai Kofta, Chole Bhature, Palak Paneer, Kaali Daal, Chaat, Naan.


When is a shallot not a shallot? When it’s a banana shallot!

Echalions - also known as ‘banana shallots’ - are taking Britain’s kitchens by storm. This versatile vegetable, which is a cross between an onion and a shallot, has seen 35% growth year on year.

The British grown vegetable has become the darling of professional kitchens all over the country because it is so easy to prepare. And now the secret is out and echalions have found their way onto our supermarket shelves.

The versatile Echalion can add a subtle hint of flavour or be the main ingredient for any recipe calling for shallots. They are perfect for braising with meats, roasting with vegetables or with soups. Finely chop and add to broths and sauces, or sauté with mushrooms”, says Chef Tom Aikens.

British grown echalions are available from September to mid-May. They are grown in the Eastern counties of Britain (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk) where the sandy soil and warmer temperatures provide the ideal growing conditions.

Here are some recipes to try using the more familiar round shallots:



Tips on Knife Maintenance - a few knife sharpening hints. All straight edge knives need to be sharpened regularly. It is easy, just learn the procedure of washing the knife, drying it, and then steeling it before putting the knife away in a protected sleeve or knife holder . . . read more

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