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It is always interesting to know more about those that contribute recipes to the site. I therefore asked Becky to let me know a little bit more about herself and her love of cooking. What follows is what she emailed me but if you would like to know more or get in touch with her then why not send her an email - you can do this by paying a visit to her own website.

"I am originally from Wisconsin and have lived there most of my life.  I am of German heritage, which is where a lot of my "old family recipes" have come from.

We moved to Minnesota a few years ago and that is where I live now.

I am a registered nurse but was fortunate enough to be able to be a "stay at home Mom" for my children which is what I've been doing now for 20 years. The children are now grown and almost grown so my website has become something fun and interesting for me to do.

My website also enables me  to share my recipe collection. I've always collected recipes and recipe books. My Mother was a wonderful cook and I guess that's where it all started. I think what makes me different from most good cooks is that I am constantly trying new recipes.

For every "keeper", there is probably 10 to 20 that "didn't pass" the family taste test. Sometimes they beg me to just make the ones they like once in a while!!! ;~) I have started doing just that and limit my new meals to about 2 per week.

I love doing my web site and sharing my recipes, and the biggest compliment would be for one or two of them to become YOUR family favorites too!"


Some example recipes:

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