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About creator, Hope Pryor:

Officially launched in June of 1999, has since evolved into one of the busiest and largest cooking and recipe sites on the Internet.

Hope Pryor, the web site's webmaster, administrator and owner is the wife of a very supporting husband, mother of four adult children and the grandmother of a three-year-old grandson, with another grandchild happily anticipated this coming Fall.

Married right out of high school, Mrs. Pryor became a first-time mother just two days before the first wedding anniversary of her first marriage. After completing one year of college courses as an English major in Southern California, she made the decision to stay at home and focus on the job of motherhood, choosing a "career" as a stay-at-home mom, making meal times special and keeping the cookie jar filled. Skilled in cookery, she's been cooking complete meals since the age of 12 years, teaching her own mother that a green salad can be prepared with more than just iceberg lettuce and tomatoes! Among family and friends her cooking skills are legendary . . . an invitation to sit at one of her feast laden-tables is considered a highly prized event.

Mrs. Pryor purchased her first computer in 1998 having absolutely no experience with the Internet. Without the benefit of attending computer classes, or blessed with having a computer geek for a friend, Mrs. Pryor taught herself how to build a web page by reading every "how-to" article she could find on the subject of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), the basic building blocks of web page construction. She credits Joe of J & J's Place HTML Tutorial with helping her learn the very basics of HTML.

With a desire to apply her new computer skill in a way that others would find interesting, Mrs. Pryor decided to combine her life-long love and practice in the art of cooking with her new-found ability by constructing a quality cooking and recipe site that visitors would find comfortable to visit and easy to use.

Nearly two years after its initial debut, enjoyed, during the month of December 2000, an average of 180,000 user sessions and over 855,000 hits, with the average user spending over 90 minutes per session. Promotion has been through major search engines, indexes, link exchanges, and word-of-mouth. Quite an achievement for one woman who
feels out of place in a business office atmosphere, yet is right at home . . . in her home office where she runs the web site alone. "The Helping Hands" at belong to Mrs. Pryor.

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