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Newcastle born Chef Simon Scott moved to London at the age of eighteen "it was just going to be for a year". That was thirteen or so years ago. Scott has spent that time working on expanding his knowledge and style. The learning did not just take place in the kitchen but also in the class room, one day a week for two years back at cooking school (what other way would you want to spend your day off).

His culinary exposure has taken him through not just some of the great hotel kitchen's of London (three years as Executive Sous Chef at The Ritz Hotel) but also a two year experience in the South of France working for Monsieur Aubertin at Restaurant Aubertin. During this time he was involved in three separate Michelin-starred restaurants. In August 1997 Scott joined The Savoy Group as head chef of The Savoy Grill.

At the Savoy Grill first expectations are for the classics which are executed flawlessly. Dishes range from asparagus in season and dressed crab to Caesar salad, fishcakes, calf’s liver with sage and straight forward grills. He also applies his expert touch displaying his own style of lighter European dishes such as Shallot Tart Tatin with Marscapone and Rocket Salad.

Scott had his own ideas about the direction he wanted to take the food, however in a ninety five year old institution, Scott was "very careful in taking in feedback from the guests". The desire's of his guests was taken to such extremes that he developed a dish of blue fin tuna around the requests of a regular guest which is now a standard menu item. So rather than tolerating the classics and working on his own style, Scott "embraced and tweaked the old stuff and gave it a fresher look and intense flavor" . . .


Fish Cakes 'Savoy Grill'

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