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Tiffany GoodallIntroducing Tiffany Goodall . . .

Sitting on a train taking the rushes of the film Keeping Mum with Patrick Swayze to a studio inspired Tiffany to write a cookery book and 'The Student Kitchen' was born! On another location (as assistant to the executive producer on Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger) Tiffany compiled and completed the format for her book in her spare time.

As a student studying hard at university Tiffany was very concerned with the quality of food surrounding her - the students were all interested in food and how to cook it but found it difficult in halls of residence with restricted budgets; she felt she could bring everyone together to cook and enjoy food and 'Tiff's Tuesdays' became a regular event. With a budget of £5 per student Tiffany soon found that her Tuesday night themed meals were a great way of encouraging her fellow students to try something fresh, new and healthy and by getting everyone involved in the cooking they enjoyed dinners which included Chinese New Year, 'Fruit de Mer' on Valentine's night, Summer Barbeques, Yummy Curries, an autumn Pheasant Feast and the all time student favourite a Sunday Roast.

Tiffany GoodallTiffany's love of cooking began at a very early age when she compiled her own cookery scrap book at the age of ten. Later on she successfully completed a cookery course at the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland coming top of her class in the final exam, she fell in love with the people and the country "To wake up to the fresh smell of bread, the noises of chickens and the cockerel's wake up call was heaven".

Taking a gap year she travelled on a culinary journey throughout Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and India gaining a great insight on the differences of cultures and food. Returning to the UK to finish her education Tiffany had a variety of holiday jobs which included working in a fish and chip shop on the Fulham Road and cooking for corporate client luncheons and private parties - at one event she cooked a Thai themed canapé party for 250 guests!

'The Student Kitchen' is a book with recipes for all occasions for those at school, universities, colleges or even people who are living alone for the first time, Tiffany believes that cooking is a social thing and the best of fun!

Tiffany recently worked with Marks and Spencer - hosting demonstrations to very engrossed audiences.

In her spare time she loves shopping, singing and long walks with her Labrador.

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