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Visitors to Greece often return claiming to have found their own little piece of paradise . . . endless blue skies, wonderfully warm Mediterranean days and landscapes that you can only dream of, until you visit the country. The stuff of dreams! A mountainous country with a stunning coastline and many beautiful islands. Wherever you go in Greece you will enjoy the famous Greek hospitality as well as the fascinating Greek cuisine.

Greek food is a blend of tradition and foreign influence. Geographically close to Italy and Turkey the cooking of these two countries has influenced Greek cuisine. The Greek diet is very much a Mediterranean one with a plentiful use of vegetables. The true cooking of Greece has to be experienced to be understood as it only bears a passing resemblance to many of the dishes served in Greek restaurants outside Greece.

Whilst the Greek diet is not a vegetarian one the Greeks eat far less meat than northern Europeans and North Americans. There are many vegetarian dishes in Greek cuisine consisting of pulses, vegetables, greens and fruits ensuring there is something for all tastes.

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  : :  Greek vegetarian cooking holiday at Kalikalos
In Greece there is a whole philosophy around eating and sharing food and the cuisine is known worldwide for its wide variety of tastes and delicious dishes, of which many of the outstanding are vegetarian. Enjoy this Greek vegetarian cooking holiday well off the beaten foreign tourist track - combining a lush green forest ecosystem with gorgeous crystal clear sandy Aegean beaches.

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