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a small country with a big history

Israel is a small country with a big history. Only 470 kilometers from north to south, Israel is home to three of the world's great religions, over 6000 years of faith, history and archaeology. It's a land of contrasts, of old and new, of traditional and modern, of religious and secular.

It's the perfect travel destination. Whether your interest is in history and archaeology, a religious pilgrimage, a beach holiday in Eilat or along the Mediterranean, or trekking in the desert, you'll find it in Israel.

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The population is diverse and the foods as diverse as the people - the Jews and Arabs who have always been part of the land, and the millions of new immigrants from throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America.

This is your opportunity to explore historic Jerusalem and learn about the history, the archaeology and the people. A chance to relax in the cafes that are an integral part of Israeli life and learn to cook the foods of the Middle East and North Africa - Morocco, Persia, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

  : :  Culinary Tours of the Galilee

Culinary Tours of the Galilee offer a unique and fascinating insight into the foods, wines, people, history and culture of this special land. One-day and longer itineraries are designed to include historical background, encounters with artisans and cooks, hands-on cooking experience, and a delightful array of authentic Galilee flavors.










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