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. . . a stunning location to enjoy a cooking holiday

MontenegroMontenegro is a magnificent combination of contrasts – sea, bays, mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons… Its diversity is breathtaking. Just imagine skiing on the snow-capped peaks, and then, the same day, getting down to the shore and diving into the crystal clear blue waters of the Adriatic. This alone makes Montenegro one of the most attractive destinations in the heart of Europe.

Whether you are looking for refuge from the hectic pace of the world’s big cities, the stress of modern life, or an active holiday with the touch of adrenaline – Montenegro will surely be your memorable adventure.

Montenegro is also one of the oldest European countries, with a population of around 670,000. Its contribution to world cultural heritage is remarkable. Centuries marked history of this country made it one of the brightest examples of defiant and heroic struggle for freedom. Due to this fact, it is also a huge mosaic of broad impact – Christian, Muslim, Illyrian, Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish and Slavic civilization and spirit. Its history, culture, architecture, art and a specific kind of “modus vivendi” were formed, thanks to this, in a fascinating and harmonious whole.

There is a tradition in which, Montenegro, owes its name to sailors, to who, sailing ashore from the open sea, it seemed cragged and dark, because immediately above the warm shores rose dark mountains. Some say that its enemies had given it this name because of bad luck that would strike anyone who would try to conquer it. The truth is, however, that Montenegro owes its name to those who founded it – the Crnojević dynasty. They, along with the Petrovic dynasty, became the founders of a modern, small, but proud country of the Mediterranean.

. . . and what a fascinating place for a cooking holiday!

Image and text courtesy of Med Mirabilis

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MED MIRABILIS means "Magnificent Mediterranean" and what more stunning location to enjoy a cooking holiday than Montenegro . . . and what a fascinating place for a cooking holiday!

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