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a land full of history and with a very diverse culture

Turkish delightTurkey is a paradise of sun, sea, mountains, and lakes that offers the vacationer a complete change from the stress and routine of everyday life. From April to October, most places in Turkey have an ideal climate that is perfect for relaxing on sandy beaches or enjoying the tranquility of mountains and lakes.

Turkey also has a magnificent past, and is a land full of historic treasures spanning ten thousand years. There is no doubt that one visit will not be enough, and you will want to come back again and again as you discover this amazing and colourful region. There are some extraordinary places to discover, all of which have one thing in common -the friendly and hospitable people of this unique country.

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Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. It has in turn influenced those and other neighbouring cuisines, including that of western European. The Ottomans fused various culinary traditions of their realm with influences from Middle Eastern cuisines, along with traditional Turkic elements from Central Asia (such as yogurt), creating a vast array of technical specialities, many with strong regional associations.

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