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We all know the USA - we've seen the movies!

How many times have you heard the TV detective ask for "Pastrami on Rye to go"?

We all have our own pre-conceived ideas of the USA and what it will be like. The reality of course is very different. It is a huge country which covers a vast area bewteen the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with so many different landscapes and wonders to see it would take more than a paragraph to describe them - spectacular National Parks like Yosemite and the Everglades, the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and many more.

Ever fancied a cooking holiday? Ever fancied learning
to make bread -

And the food . . . with such a varied history of immigration the USA has a wealth of different cuisines to choose from. Every culture in the world is represented in this vast melting pot and you are sure to have the opportunity to try some of the great culinary dishes of the world. Wonderful fresh produce and seemingly unlimited seafood resources provide the ingredients for some wonderful meals form New York to New Orleans to San Fransisco. Whatever else you do when visiting the US take the opportunity to enjoy the food.

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