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"Mire! Mire! Chorizo para nuestros clientes en Inglaterra!"

Choosing ChorizoLook! Look! Chorizo for our customers in England! "Conchi" is the wife of "Julian" one of the most envied butchers in the area. It was a Friday morning when we entered the butchers, fantastically clean with purpose made display counters to show off the comprehensive array of lean meats and embutidos. This particular morning Conchi was making chorizo and salchicon, working the machine like a true professional. Hand made chorizo being made in full view of the customers - perfect.

The real deal, in fact chorizo doesn't come any better, Conchi continued to explain what she was doing, what she was adding and why. 'Muy Muy beuna" she explains with enthusiasm. All manner of cured sausages can be found in "Julians" chorizo, salchichon, salchicha, morcilla and of course Serrano ham. Lomo appears to be a speciality, you will find the cured loins of pork hanging behind the counter in various forms - full loins tied to a wooden board, half loins and the pure loin…delicious.

The hand made chorizo comes in picante (hot) and dulce (sweet), paprika gives the chorizo its deep red colour and the aroma is tempting to say the least, pepper is also used to add that extra bite for the hotter version of this supreme sausage. A multitude of uses too, chorizo can be eaten as tapas simply sliced, it can also be cooked / fried / barbequed / and added to recipes such as paella and stews.

There is no doubt that Julian and Conchi are extremely proud of the establishment they have developed over the years - over generations. Always helpful, full of tips and enthusiastic about the quality of the products they produce and sell. Chorizo is a famous sausage throughout Europe but nothing can beat the true Andalusian variety - La Carniceria de Julian has some of the best available.



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Published 14 February 2008