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Savouring Serrano HamThere are certain delicacies in the world that are to be truly savoured, Spanish hams are up there with the best of them. Iberian ham or "jamon Iberico" is regarded as the best ham in the world with flavour and texture unlike anything else the Iberico ham reigns supreme.

The Serrano ham has been the staple diet of Spanish families for generations, to them, "jamon" is nothing new but to Northern Europeans, chefs and gourmet food enthusiasts the simple Serrano ham has fast become one of the leading delicacies available. Serrano hams come cured from 12 to 24 months, the latter being the Serrano ham "reserva". Particular care is taken with these hams during the salting and curing process resulting in a thoroughly unique flavour. Reserva Serrano hams are the Rolls Royce of the Serrano range with a flavour and texture that will not disappoint.

The first thing to note about your ham will be its size - substantial at 7-8kg. One hundred tapas size servings can be carved from a whole rear leg making the Serrano ham the "economical and gourmet choice" Cutting into your ham will reveal a ruby red moist flesh with a unique aroma, traces of fat all add to that flavour and should never be discarded.

For the enthusiast slicing is crucial to flavour and texture, thin slices are required and should be left to breath for 30 minutes just like a good wine. Complimentary Spanish flavours can also be served with your ham, olives, olive oil, toasted almonds or vine tomatoes to name but a few - a true Andalusian experience. Red wine (Rioja or Ribera) goes exceptionally well with Serrano ham, as of they were made to match, introduce some manchego cheese and the perfect trio is complete.

This unique blend of Spain can be enjoyed at any time of the day - even breakfast. A full ham is somewhat of a centre piece so is ideal for functions or simply a friendly gathering outdoors or indoors. For the connoisseur the flavours are sublime, intensity varies between curing times and indeed within the ham, the aroma can only be described as deep, rich and unreservedly tempting.

Perfect accompaniments to Serrano ham:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Almonds
  • Queen olives
  • Vine tomatoes
  • Fresh red peppers
  • Rioja
  • Ribera del Duero
  • Manchego cheese
  • Melon
  • Fresh broad beans
  • Peaches


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Published 14 February 2008