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Tracy’s Famous Veggie Beef Soup

Sweet Dreams by TracyThis recipes comes from Tracy who has her own web site entitled 'Sweet Dreams' - Tracy describes herself as:

Well, let's see . . . I'm in my (very) late 30's, married and living in a small town in Northwestern Illinois. My husband, Matt is a 'computer dude', he has his own consulting business.

I 'retired' from making jewelry (after 9 years), hoping to be able to make some extra money selling cakes locally. I have had several non-cake related, yet still food-related, orders so I'm branching out. I've already changed my business cards to say 'Baking for all occasions' instead of 'Cakes for . . .'! I also am a Wilton Method instructor, teaching courses 1, 2, & 3 at an Ace Hardware and the local community college.


1 medium to small head of cabbage, cut up
1 medium yellow or white onion, cut up
1 lb stew beef, cut into bite-size pieces
2 packages AuJus gravy mix
1 - 2 T salt
1 - 2 T coarse ground pepper

2 lb. frozen mixed vegetables
1 lb (approx) frozen broccoli and / or cauliflower
(and / or any other frozen vegetables you desire, e.g. leaf spinach, okra, lima beans)

2 cans whole white potatoes, drained & cut in small pieces
1 can diced tomatoes
2 t (approx.) Country Bob Edson’s Seasoning Salt (or another savory seasoning blend)
2 qt tomato juice
1 (12 oz.) can tomato paste


  • Put cabbage, onion, stew beef, gravy mix, saltand pepper into a 12-quart or larger stockpot, and add enough water to float the ingredients (in my 12 qt. pot, I end up about 2/3 full or a bit more at this point). Bring to a boil & cook, stirring occasionally, until cabbage is soft.
  • Add frozen mixed vegetables, frozen broccoli and / ot cauliflower and / or any other frozen vegetables you desire
  • Continue boiling & stirring occasionally until green beans are cooked through.
  • Add potatoes, diced tomatoes, savory seasoning, tomato juice and tomato paste
  • Continue cooking at a fast simmer, stirring often and well (it will scorch easily after the tomato addition), until it cooks down to a thick, hearty soup. Add more salt, pepper or seasoning blend as desired, to taste. Yield: about 10 quarts

Tracy’s notes:
I store the soup by pressure canning it in quart jars (10 lb pressure for 15 minutes). It can be frozen but will need to be cooked back down to thickness after thawing. I like it with a liberal amount of the coarse pepper, so it leaves a tiny tingle in your mouth.

Best when eaten with a grilled cheese sandwich and Wheatsworth crackers, dunked (not crunched into soup).

It has been said to posses curative powers . . .

Yield: about 10 quarts