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Recipe for family meals :

Roast Goose with Cranberry and Orange

This is one of the recipes which we have been given permission to reproduce by another of the UK recipe sites, Recipes4us. It is a big site with a wealth of information and recipes. If you would like to have a look at their website <click here>.

This recipe is one of the recipes featured for Christmas but of course you can enjoy it all the year round.


225g / 8oz Pork Sausage Meat
225g / 8oz Sage and Onion Stuffing (See Recipes4Us for recipe <click here>)
100g / 4oz Butter
5 sticks Celery, coarsely chopped
2 teasp Dried Thyme
390ml / 13fl.oz. Dry White Wine
350g / 12oz Fresh Cranberries
250g / 9oz Tinned Mandarin Segments
50g / 2oz Pecan Nuts, chopped
4 tbsps Cointreau
1 x 4.4kg / 10lb Goose


  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC, 400ºF, Gas Mark 6. (Cooking time: 190 minutes approx.)
  • Heat a large frying pan until hot, add the sausagemeat and sauté for about 5 large mixing bowl.
  • Add the stuffing to the sausage and mix well.
  • Melt the butter in the same frying pan add the onion and celery and sauté gently until soft.
  • Stir in the wine and thyme and simmer for a minute or so then pour over the stuffing mixture.
  • Add the cranberries, mandarins, pecan nuts, salt and pepper and blend thoroughly.
  • Fill the goose loosely with the stuffing and truss with trussing needles or sew up with a needle and thread. Place the goose breast up on a rack in a large roasting tin.
  • Rub skin with salt then pierce the skin with a fork. Try not to pierce through to the flesh.
  • Place any remaining stuffing mixture in a greased ovenproof dish and cover
  • Roast the goose for about 30 minutes, until skin begins to brown, then remove from the oven and discard the excess fat from the tin. Add about 2 pints of hot water to the tin and return the goose to the oven for a further 1 hour. Pour off water and fat from pan. Add another quart of hot water to pan. Turn goose breast side down and continue roasting 1 hour.
  • After this time, remove the goose from the oven and discard water and fat. stuffing and continue roasting for a further 45 minutes, covering breast with foil if it browns too quickly. Serve hot.

A delicious alternative at Christmas time.

Serves 8