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Recipe for family meals :

Fire Island Shrimp

This recipe is from Chesapeake Bay Cooking which specialises in shellfish and seafood recipes as well as the famous Maryland Stuffed Ham recipes.


4 or more large shrimp per guest
Thousand Island Dressing

  • Peel and devein each shrimp and cut 3/4 way through each along back (butterflying).
  • Place 1/2 teaspoon of horseradish in each shrimp and wrap each with 1/2 piece of bacon (securing with toothpick).
  • Barbeque shrimp on low heat turning until bacon is golden

- or -

  • Preheat broiler setting at 475º to 500º.
  • Place shrimp on foil lined cookie sheet with wire racks inserted. Place cookie sheet at least 2 oven racks below broiler.
  • Broil evenly, turning until bacon is crisp golden. Keep careful eye on pan at all times and above all do not cook directly under broiler, as grease will ignite.
  • Serve each plate of shrimp with a small cup of ice-cold Thousand Island dressing for dipping.

The combination of hot (the horseradish), sweet (the dressing) and salt (the bacon) within this recipe is ideal.

Chesapeake Bay Cooking