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Recipe for family meals :

This Ain't Your Mother's Ravioli

This recipe comes from The Rush Hour Cook - Brook Noel, the Queen of non-domesticity and incapable-cooking.

Brook Noel is the Chief Executive Officer at Champion Press, a seven year old publishing house specialising in cooking, education and lifestyle titles. Her work-to-date includes eight books covering family, parenting issues and self-help. The Rush Hour Cookseries marks her first timid footsteps into the world of cookbooks!

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The Five Rules of Rush HourRecipes

  1. All ingredients should be able to be pronounced accurately through the phonetic use of the English Language.
  2. Each ingredient can be located in the market without engaging in a full scale scavenger hunt.
  3. No list of ingredients shall be longer than the instructions.
  4. Each recipe has to be durable enough to survive me, the Queen-of-Incapable Cooking, and elicit a compliment at meal’s end.
  5. My finicky child will eat it—or some portion of it. I’ve learned not to be too picky on this one. I often break out part of the recipe and prepare it separately to her liking.

"Try diced ham and cheese topped with store-bought Alfredo sauce or Diced vegetables topped with Teriyaki sauce. The possibilities are endless. Don't forget to freeze extra ravioli for a quick made-ahead meal. And of course, if worse comes to worse, there are all those pre-packaged refrigerated raviolis nowadays . . . I won't tell if you won't!"


9 ounces ground round
12 ounces soft-style cream cheese
30 wonton wrappers
2 1/4 cups purchased spaghetti sauce

  • In a bowl stir together ground round and cream cheese.
  • Place a spoonful of filling in the center of each wrapper.
  • Brush wrapper edges with water. Fold corner to corner to form triangle shape and press edges together.
  • Drop into boiling water and cook for 3 - 5 minutes or until meat is done.
  • Heat sauce in a separate saucepan. Top ravioli with sauce.

Brook Noel
The Rush Hour Cook

© Brook Noel, The Rush Hour Cook