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Recipe for family meals :

Chicken Casserole served with Red Cabbage

Mark EarndenThis recipe for Chicken Casserole served with Red Cabbage comes from Chef Mark Earnden, the presenter of a food show called ExpoChef, which helps promote healthy eating in the community. ExpoChef is an interactive cooking show that demonstrates how to make food fun, easy and healthy.

Lets get cooking . . .

OK, before we start you must:

  • Clear clutter away
  • Wash your hands
  • Rinse and clean the fruit and vegetables

THe Expo Chef recipes consist of three easy steps to cooking which are:

  • Preparation
  • Cooking method
  • Plating up the food

There are no exact measurements as Mark's recipes are intended only as guidelines . . . but please eat everything in moderation and remember those all important portion sizes!

Mark wants you to experiment with flavours using herbs and spices. Remember cooking is not an exact science so give this recipe a go and good luck!

Remember to try to vary your diet! Just because you like a recipe does not mean you should carry on eating that dish alone! Challenge your body with new meals and new ingredients . . . plus it is fun to experiment with food!

Remember: use herbs to season instead of salt!

Ingredients for Chicken Casserole served with Red Cabbage

3 x Chicken breasts
1 x medium sized onion
3 x carrots
1 x courgette
New potaotoes
20 x button mushrooms
Worcestershire sauce to flavour
Stock (boiling water and vegetable / chicken stock cube)

1/2 Red cabbage
2 x Tablespoon of cranberry jelly
Ground ginger
Garlic puree
2 x tablespoons of olive oil

How to make Chicken Casserole served with Red Cabbage

  • For the casserole chop all ingredients into bite sized pieces
  • Thinly slice the cabbage

Cooking method

  • In one saucepan add oil and onions and cook until soft and brown
  • Then add chicken and the rest of the ingredients to flavour. Add the stock so it just covers the ingredients and simmer until casserole is thick.
  • In another pan add oil and small amount of water (don't let the liquid run dry) with cabbage and some slices of onion and simmer (not quite boiling).
  • Add remaining ingredients to taste (not too much cranberry jelly) add a little water and simmer until soft.

Plating up the food

  • Serve casserole with a portion of red cabbage on the side.

Tip: Freeze the casserole for future use

Serves 6

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