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Clafoutis aux Abricots (Apricot batter pudding)
The French Food and Cook WebsiteThis recipe has come from The French Food and Cook website. Who are they? This is how they describe their website:

This site is purely French !
- People who wrote this site are French
- Recipes presented are typically French, though simple and feasable
- All products sold in the Boutique are made in France
- All our advice on entertaining is based on French customs

I have included the links here beacuse they have some excellent recipes and a fine online shop for cooking enthusiasts.


450 gr [1 lb] ripe apricots
150 gr [5 1/3 oz] plain flour
250 gr [8 3/4 oz] granulated sugar
4 eggs
100 ml [3 1/2 fl oz] single cream
100 ml [3 1/2 fl oz] milk
5 spoons of rhum or liquor
Butter for mould
1 pinch of salt

  1. Pre-heat oven to 200C / 400F ; wash the apricots, cut them in halves and take pits off; butter 6 to 8 pie dishes.
  2. In an electric mixer (with blade), put the flour and sugar, and the pinch of salt; while mixing, add the eggs on by one, then the milk, then the single cream.
  3. Lay the apricots halves evenly on the bottom of each dish; pour over the batter.
  4. Bake in oven for about 30 minutes; serve warm.

Tip: to verify if your custard is baked, push the point of a knife in the centre of it; if the blade comes out clean, the custards are ready. You need to increase baking time if you use a single large dish, and vice versa.

Note: More generally served with cherries, this recipe can be made with many different fruits. Apricot is a good and original version.

Serves 6 to 8