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Yin - Yang Butterfly Dessert for Peak Sexuality *

This recipe has been provided by Justin who is a Chef I first met when we were both working in Raymond Blanc's Cheltenham Brasserie, le petit Blanc. Justin had this to say:

"Here is a recipe you might find interesting. I found it when I was desperate for a dessert to enter into a competition, I changed it slightly to suit my own purposes but it remains true to its principles".

* As this is a family site I have not published the explanation as to why it is "for Peak Sexuality" but I will email it to anyone who wants the answer - click here for the secret.

Unfortunately owing to several computer crashes over the years the explanation has been lost. I only know the chef who gave me the recipe by his first name, Justin, who I met when we worked at Raymond Blanc's le petit Blanc brasserie in Cheltenham. I have tried to trace Justin but the furthest I could get was to establish that he had gone out to Australia to work. If you can help with either the explanation or have information about Justin's whereabouts let me know. To email me <click here>


1 Butternut Squash
10oz Tofu
10oz Sugar
4 Eggs
Half Pint Soya Milk
Gound Ginger
Ground Cloves

  • Heat soya milk and infuse the spices into it until it bubbles
  • Skin and dice the squash (you can use pumpkin for this as well) and cook in boiling water until soft
  • Bung everything else into a pot with the milk and cooked squash and puree
  • Pour into some cups and cook in a bain - marie for about 40 minutes on 370ºF
  • Serve with squares of good quality chocolate

Serves 4