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Finocchio in salsina (Braised Fennel with wine sauce)

Cook ItalyThis is one of the recipes that has been provided by Carmelita Caruana from Italy. Carmelita is involved in running cooking holidays in Italy and it is well worth visiting her website - - to find out more.


4 fennel bulbs weighing about 1 kilo
2 eggs
1 scallion ( or "cipolla tropea "or fat spring onion)
Fresh thyme
90 g butter
70 ml white wine
S alt
Black pepper freshly ground


  • Wash fennel then discard tough outer leaves of bulbs and slice finely
  • Melt large knob of butter and add sliced fennel, salt, pepper, thyme and 2 ladles of water
  • Meantime boil together 70 ml of water and same amount of wine with the scallion and a pinch of salt, until reduced to 2/3rds
  • Remove scallion and slowly add the reduced sauce to 80 g of butter, pinch of salt and some freshly ground pepper, stirring over medium flame to obtain syrupy sauce
  • Place braised fennel in serving dish and pour sauce on top, if you like you can garnish with sieved egg yolk and parsley

Serves 6


  • Fresh fennel bulbs should be completely white - the older the bulb, the more green the "veins" in the outer skin will be.

Carmelita Caruana