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Biete brasati al burro (Swiss chard braised with butter)

Cook ItalyThis is one of the recipes that has been provided by Carmelita Caruana from Italy. Carmelita is involved in running cooking holidays in Italy and it is well worth visiting her website - - to find out more.


2 kilos Swiss chard
80 g butter
80 g grated parmesan (optional)


  • Cut thick white stalks into short lengths, wash and drain leaves and stems
  • Place in very large pot, salt and cover to steam in own water on low heat, stirring occasionally as water is released and they start to wilt
  • If there is too much liquid, uncover and boil some of it off
  • Add butter and turn leaves well to coat in glistening emulsion of juice and butter
  • If using cheese, add last, stirring to melt and amalgamate into coating sauce

Carmelita Caruana