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Lamb - Bandit's Style or Arni Kleftiko

If you love cooking, or even just enjoy food for food's sake, you should visit Henrie's Hotch Potch, the Highlife regular recipe column for a truly amazing website:

Henrie GeyserA food guru if ever there was, Henrie Geyser does not supply just any old kind of recipe, randomly pinched from the yellowing pages of Your Average Cookbook. Rather, the wondrous menus that grace the pages of Henrie's Hotch Potch each week have come to exist through endless experimenting and tasting, night after night of gleeful peeling, chopping, stirring, stuffing, straining, baking, grilling, frying and braaiing - wooden spoon in one hand, glass of wine in the other.

We are fortunate enough to have been given permission to reproduce a few of Henrie's recipes, just so that we can get a taste! To visit Henrie at the iAfrica web site where he updates his column every Friday with a full menu of Starter, Main Course and Dessert - click here

"This is my version of Arni Kleftiko, or bandit's lamb, as it is often referred to in Greece".


1 whole knuckle of lamb per person
heavy weight tin foil
fresh garlic
a couple of tomatoes
some Feta cheese
Fresh lemon juice (the bottled version is fine)
Fresh or dried oregano
Sweet sherry
Olive oil

  • The really nice thing about this meal is that the meat is prepared, cooked and served in individual parcels which makes entertaining a pleasure. The second thing we need to do (after first pouring ourselves a little drop of wine) is to turn the oven to 190º.
  • Next we cut squares of tin foil big enough to parcel the knuckles individually. Put a tablespoon of butter in each parcel, along with a teaspoon of olive oil and a clove of crushed, chopped garlic (more, if you like garlic). Then add a tablespoon of sherry, plus a tablespoon of freshly chopped (or a teaspoon of dried oregano). Next comes the juice of ½ lemon. Roll the lamb knuckle in this mix, then add three thick wheels of sliced tomato over which you can crumble a heaped tablespoon of Feta cheese. Give it a dash of salt and pepper and close the parcels carefully, sealing them to make sure the flavour and the juices stay inside.
  • When the temperature of the oven is at 190º place the parcels inside and leave for about 90 minutes. Open them carefully to preserve the liquid and turn the oven to grill for a few minutes to brown the meat.
  • Test for tenderness, then place the tin foil parcels on hot plates and serve individually.

Fresh spinach, cabbage or cauliflower and new potatoes in their jackets go well with this dish. Encourage your guests to use their hands, because the last bit of tacky lamb is too nice to leave on the bone - even if it does go to the dogs!


To visit Henrie at the iAfrica web site where he updates his column every Friday with a full menu of Starter, Main Course and Dessert - click here