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This recipes comes from the French web site known as Cooking2000 - described as 'Traditional French cooking recipes, wines and advice . . .'

There are many more recipes to be found on the site, with new ones being added all the time, and the great thing is that the site is in both French and English.

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100 g black olives (stoned olives are tasty)
100 g caper
1 anchovy filet box
10 cl olive oil

  • Delicately chop the black olives (stone the olives before this operation).
  • When you have a mixture very smooth, add the anchovy fillets and the capers.
  • Use a blender in order to have a mixture made with all these ingredients.
  • Add olive oil, add ground pepper according to your taste

Do not salt this mixture. Olives, capers and anchovy fillets are already salted enough.

Serves 4