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Tournedos al Radiichio di Treviso

This recipes comes from Dancer and Graphic artist Martin James. Martin, who originally comes from New Zealand, is now living with his wife and children in Copenhagen as he is currently principal Dancer with The Royal Danish Ballet. You will be able to find out more about Martin when his Biography page is published.

Being so gifted it seems unfair that Martin should also be talented in the kitchen as well but he has agreed to share some of his recipes with us which is great news.

"Though the recipe calls for sautéing the radicchio and pan-cooking the meat, you can also grill everything, covering the grill when you add the cheese"


3/4 pound radicchio rosso di Treviso
4 tournedos (these are 2-inch thick slices of tender beef fillet.They are generally tied with a string so they keep their round shape as they cook)
1/4 cup extravirgin olive oil
4 thin slices Montasio cheese (any good quality moderately firm, not too sharp cheese should work)
Salt & pepper to taste

  • Wash and pat the radicchio dry, then cut it into wedges. Lightly oil them, season them with salt and pepper, and sauté them in a skillet for 5 minutes (or grill them).
  • In the meantime, cook the meat in another lightly oiled skillet (or again, over the coals).
  • Lay the cooked radicchio over the meat, heat through, lay a slice of cheese over each piece, cover the pan or grill for a few seconds, and serve

Serves 4

Martin James