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White Chocolate and Strawberry Marquis

This recipe is from Janet Vine who, together with her husband Arthur, runs Aphrodite Chocolates. Janet is the Chocolatier.

Aphrodite Chocolates was formed about four years ago. Their delicious luxury chocolates are entirely handmade in rural Essex in the heart of the English countryside.

Janet first began making her wonderful chocolates as a hobby about twelve years ago with the objective of getting away from the boring and sickly fillings like flavoured fondant that form the basis of so many manufactured and handmade chocolate selections today.

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6 tblspns Strawberry Liqueur (or liqueur of choice)
20 - 25 sponge fingers
400g good quality white chocolate (try for a minimum 30% cocoa solids)
1 pint double cream
125g butter
1 tblspn strawberry fruit paste (or sieved strawberry conserve or high fruit jam)
1 pkt gelatine
1 tblspn water

  • Line Rousse tin or soufflé dish with cling film
  • Put 6 tblspns Liqueur in shallow dish, dip sponge fingers and line sides and bottom of tin / dish
  • Break chocolate into bowl with butter, put over pan of hot water or microwave for 2 minutes, stir until smooth, put aside to cool
  • Put Gelatine in small bowl with water, put into pan of hot water and simmer gently until dissolved take out of pan and cool
  • Put cream into large bowl and whisk until soft peak, add strawberry paste/jam, beat again until semi stiff
  • Fold chocolate/butter mixture into cream, add gelatine and carefully mix well
  • Pour into lined tin / dish, cover with cling film and put into fridge overnight to set
  • Take out of fridge 30 minutes before serving


  • Serve with coulis of strawberries or chopped fresh strawberries mixed with 1 tblespn of liqueur and 2 tspns icing sugar

Janet Vine
Aphrodite Chocolates

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