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Poached Atlantic Turbot

This recipe comes from the GlobalChefs web site which they describe in their own words as 'The Culinary Online Magazine written by Chefs'.

From time to time there have been some excellent articles from GlobalChefs featured on Hub-UK but it is also a great resource for recipes created by real live working Chefs - this is just one example <click here>

Recipe by Chef Joachim Textor


4 x 120 g Turbot fillet
500ml court-bouillon
2 pc eggs
1 pc egg yolk
60ml Champagne
20ml white wine
salt, pepper
240 g mashed potato
30 gr rucola leaves
20 gr shallots
15 gr Butter
1 pc lemon ( zest )
40 g salsify mousse
4 pc zucchini blossom filled with mushroom duxelles

Fine noodles deep fried for garnish

Fresh herb sprig


  • Poach the Turbot fillet in the court-bouillon ( add bit of the lemon juice )
  • Sauté the rucola leaves with the shallot in the butter and blend it with the mashed potatoes
  • Simmer the blanched lemon zest very slowly for 2 hours in a sugar syrup.
  • Beat the eggs and pour the Champagne and white wine to make a fluffy sabayon season it - you can add a little bit of the court bouillon too.
  • Stud the Turbot with the lemon zest pieces and set the fish on the mashed potatoes


  • Garnish with the Zucchini flower and Salsify mousse.
  • Spoon the champagne sabayon over it.
  • Decorate with some fried fine noodles and fresh herb sprig.

Serves 4

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