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Sopa de Ajo - Garlic Soup

This recipe comes from Chef Patrick who has travelled the world using his culinary arts and learning new skills. There is more about Patrick on his Biography page (click here).

Chef Patrick had this comment about the recipe:

"This recipe is a popular favorite wherever I make it. The main thing here is to make sure you use your best Chicken Stock (if necessary add a little buillon to it to make it stong), lots of fresh garlic and the juciest limes you can find. I always have Chicken Stock on hand and can whip this soup together in a matter of minutes. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it".


10 cups fresh Chicken Stock
3 tbls fresh Garlic, finely minced
1/3 - 1/2 cup fresh Lime Juice
1 tbls Fish Sauce (or salt to taste)
Fresh Cilantro leaves to garnish


Make this soup to taste.

  • I begin by heating my stock to a rolling boil and then adding the remaining ingredients. Beginning with just 2 Tablespoons of Garlic and 1/3 Cup of fresh Lime juice. Adjust accordingly to your taste.
  • Cook for about 15 minutes and serve steaming hot. Garnish with fresh Cilantro (Coriander) and a thin slice of fresh lime.

Chef Patrick