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Warm Salad of Marinated and Smoked Salmon

This recipe comes from one of London's up and coming chefs, Chris Staines who has recently taken over at the Mandarin Hotel's Foliage restaurant. Having worked for Nico Ladenis and for Marco Pierre White whilst learning his craft you will have some idea as to his pedigree.

To find out more about Chris and the challenge facing him at the Foliage have a look at the article about him <click here> published under Interesting Bites with kind permission of Global Chefs.


1 side of wild salmon (or farmed if wild is not an option)
1 side of unsliced smoked salmon
8 - 10 large waxy potatoes
300g corn niblets
1 bunch radishes
50g oscietra caviar
1 bunch chervil
1 head lollo rosso
2 bunches of wild Roquette
1 head frissee lettuce

For horseradish dressing:
2 egg yolks
100ml of olive oil
800ml of pomace or vegetable oil
1 fresh horseradish
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
100ml red wine vinegar

For salmon roulade:
500g malden sea salt
1/2 bunch of dill
1 splash of whiskey (optional)
1 zest of 1 lemon
juice of 2 lemons
2 juniper berries
50g sugar


To make the dressing in a food blender:

  • Mix the 2 egg yolks, mustard and horseradish in the blender until mixed well.
  • With the blender still going slowly add the red wine vinegar.
  • Next slowly add all of the oil until the dressing starts to thicken.
  • Pass through a chinois and reserve.
  • Blitz all of the ingredients for the salmon marinade until almost smooth. Reserve.

Ask your fishmonger to skin and de-bone the salmon and smoked salmon and to trim it to the royal cut, which is the juiciest and fattiest part of the fillet.

  • Wash off the salmon and pat dry with kitchen towel
  • When you have done this you need to rub your marinade liberally over your raw salmon, and leave for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Meanwhile cut the potatoes into cylinders using a pastry cutter, cook them very slowly in salted water and saffron.

To assemble the dish:

  • Cut the cylinders of potato into slices and garnish with 2 or 3 corn niblets, a healthy dollop of caviar and a radish crisp. (optional)
  • Spread your dressing thinly over the surface of a plate and place 6 potatoes evenly around the plate.
  • Fry your sliced salmon in a dry non stick pan until golden and crispy. Place between each potato disc, next build your salad leaves in the middle of the ring and sit back to enjoy this tasty summer starter.

Serves 10

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