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Steamed Skate with Lemongrass, Ginger, Orange and Lime

M & M RichardsonThis recipe comes from the web site of M & M Richardson - they sell fresh fish straight to your door. What I love about this is it gives you the opportunity to buy fresh produce.

This is how they describe themselves:

We are a family owned fresh fish supplier situated on the Dungeness Point in Kent, England. We have been an established name in the area for over one hundred and fifty years. Our fresh fish is caught from the premier fishing grounds in the English Channel, by local Dungeness boats.

Delivery - all our products are freshly packed and delivered express next day delivery, Tuesday to Friday, to your home or bussiness.

Preparation - all our fish are cleaned, gutted and inspected at sea, to ensure that you only recieve the finest produce, which we can prepare and fillet to your own requirements.


1/2 Pounds pan-ready skate fillets (4 x 6 oz portions)
1 Stalk lemongrass *
3 Cups orange juice
1/2 Cup lime juice
2 teaspoons thinly sliced fresh ginger
Fresh chives or scallion tops for garnish
Lime slices for garnish

*If fresh lemongrass is unavailable, increase ginger to one tablespoon or substitute one teaspoon lemon zest


  • Discard tough leaves and woody base of lemongrass. Thinly slice the tender portion of the lemongrass stem.
  • In the base of the steamer, combine lemongrass, juices and ginger; bring to boil.
  • Arrange skate on steamer rack of basket, fit into pan, cover tightly. Reduce heat; steam for 5 minutes or just until skate "flakes" easily when tested with a fork. If rack will not hold all of the skate at one time, steam in two batches.
  • Using a wide slotted spatula, carefully transfer skate from steamer rack to heatproof platter or individual serving plates; keep warm.
  • Turn heat to high, cook juices, uncovered, for 10 - 15 minutes or until sauce is reduced by one-half. (Should have consistency of syrup.)
  • Strain sauce over fish.
  • Garnish with lime slices and chive stems.

To steam skate, use a rack or steamer basket that fits in a wok or wide pan. If the utensil doesn't have a fitted lid, cover with foil.

Serves 4

M & M Richardson