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Veal Liver with Wild Mushrooms Sweet and Sour Onion

This recipe has been published with the kind permission of Michel Roux Jnr of Le Gavroche. Le Gavroche is one of the UK's finest restaurants. Its opening in 1967 by brothers Albert and Michel Roux marked the revolution of restaurants in London. Since then, Le Gavroche has continued to set the standards of cooking and service by which other places are judged - it was the first UK restaurant to be awarded one, two then three Michelin Stars.

Today the reputation of Le Gavroche continues to ride high in the eyes of critics and customers and now firmly rests on the food prepared by Michel Roux Jnr who took over the day to day running of the kitchen from his father, Albert, in 1991.

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6 Slices of calf's liver 140gr each
200gm Oyster mushrooms
6 Red onions
100gm Girolles
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
2tbs Sherry vinegar
1tbs Light brown muscovado sugar
1 Clove garlic
4 Spring flat parsley


  • Peel and slice the onions, set over high heat in a wide thick based pan with a drizzle of oil, sweat until lightly coloured.
  • Add the sugar, salt and some coarsely ground pepper to taste, continue to cook over medium heat stirring to avoid burning.
  • The sugar should caramelise fairly quickly, as soon as it has an amber colour add the vinegar and partially cover. Put over low heat and cook for 30mins or until soft, sweet and jam consistency.
  • Trim and quickly wash if necessary the mushrooms - better to just wipe with a damp cloth to avoid them becoming laden with water. Cut into bite size pieces,
  • Lightly oil the liver and grill both sides for 3 - 4 minutes depending on thickness for pink.
  • While liver is grilling pan fry the mushrooms over a fierce heat with a little olive oil and season, until a light golden colour. Just before serving toss in the pan the chopped garlic and parsley and cook for 20 seconds and serve.

Serves 6

Michel Roux Jnr

There are two books written by Michel Roux Jnr which are currently available: