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Crab Po Pia

This recipe comes from <click here> which is described in the banner heading to the site as "the ultimate source to fine Asian cuisine". This is no idle boast as you will find a wealth of information about Asian cooking as well as recipes from China, Thailand, India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.


200 gms Crab Meat
50 gms Bean Sprouts
50 gms Glass Noodles
2 pcs Garlic Cloves
5 pcs Chinese Mushrooms, Chopped
3 tbs White Soy Sauce
2 tbs Sugar
16 pcs Spring Roll Sheets
1 pcs Egg Yolk
500 gms Vegetable Oil
100 gms Sweet Plum Sauce


  • Soak glass noodles in cold water for app. 15 minutes.
  • Fry crab meat, bean sprouts, soaked glass noodles, garlic and mushrooms in a wok.
  • Season with soy sauce and sugar, remove and cool down.
  • Fill spring roll sheets and close edges with egg yolk.
  • Deep fry until golden brown then serve with sweet plum sauce.

Serves 4