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Crab Cannelloni with Lemon Béchamel Sauce

From time to time Hub-UK gets approached by or on behalf of a commercial web site to provide a link. Most requests are turned away but occassionally when they are worthwhile sites, and have something to contribute to the enjoyment of good food, it is a different matter. Just such a site was Tonn Ruairi.

Tonn Ruairi is a small family company based on the Co Down coast in Northern Ireland, specialising in Crab products and other gourmet seafood from the pollution free water of Dundrum Bay. They offer a wide variety of the finest quality seafood, delivered to your door.


4 Rashers good Back Bacon, Chopped
500g chopped Flat Mushrooms
750g Tonn Ruairi Crabmeat
375g Ricotta or Cream Cheese
1/4 tsp salt
pinch of pepper

750ml Bechamel (white) sauce

125g grated Mature Cheddar
12 cannelloni shells


  • In a frying pan, cook the bacon and mushrooms with a little oil until browned and cooked through; cool.
  • Mix Tonn Ruairi Crab Meat and ricotta or cream cheese, and add cold mushroom mixture and seasonings.
  • Fill the cannelloni shells.
  • Bake in the lemon Béchamel* sauce with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top for about 40 minutes at 180°C or until browned.

To make Lemon Bechamel*: add the lemon rind to the Béchamel sauce mix.

Serves 4