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Beef Medallions with Goose Pâté and Vanoma Sauce

This recipe comes from The Epicurean Table which is run by Patricia Conant Webb.

Now living in Spain, Patricia describes her love of good food and cooking as follows:

"My culinary style is influenced by my travelling lifestyle and epicurious approach to foods of my host countries when I lived or travelled to them. I lean most heavily toward the Mediterranean cuisine, Belgian and in general European ways with food.

My deep appreciation for Near and Middle Eastern foods stems from having spent much time and research in such countries.

Over 30 years ago, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I began my quest to quench my epicurious palate. Curious about flavours, food, possibilities and influenced by my travels, I Iistened to my palate, experimented, and created my recipes. Out of a collection of barely legible notes developed a database which has grown into a book. This web site was created to share with whomever passes by, samplings of those recipes created at the Villa".

Patricia has kindly given permission for some of her recipes to be reproduced on Hub-UK but if you want to see more as well as read some of her informative articles you will need to have a look at the web site <click here>

"A delicious and elegant combination. Serve with mashed potatoes".


2 thick beef filet medallions or filet mignon (+/- 3 cm)
4 strips of bacon
salt and pepper
1 sm tin of fine goose liver pâté (foie gras)
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Vanoma Sauce <click here>

  • Rinse and pat dry the medallions. Grind pepper over them and give a pinch of salt, both sides.
  • Lightly fry the bacon in the same pan as you will cook the meat. Remove and allow to cool a little.
  • Encircle a medallion with the bacon and tie snugly with a little string to keep its shape.
  • Heat the pan hot, add the medallions and fry for two minutes. Turn and after 1 minute, lower the heat. Continue to fry to desired doneness.

    Easy doneness test: pierce the meat with a knife to midway. Immediately touch the area just under your lip with it. If it is comfortably warm, the meat is medium.
  • Lay a thin slice of pâté on top as the second side is cooking.
  • Allow to drain on a paper towel, gently cut and remove the string and keep warm while you make the Vanoma Sauce in the same pan.

To serve:

Place a medallion on a hot plate. Pool a few spoons of Vanoma Sauce over half, allowing it to pool around the meat. Garnish the sauce with a few crushed red berries (the kind found in mixed peppercorns.)


Make a well in a nest of potatoes and fill with peas and onions. Carrots in Orange juice are a delicious accompaniment.

Serves 2

Patricia Conant Webb

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All recipes are excerpts from "Welcome to My Kitchen" - The Epicurean Table and are copyright of the author.
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