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Citrus Marinated Prawns with Avocado Risotto

This recipe has been reproduced with the kind permission of Genevieve McGough. Genevieve is a chef in Auckland New Zealand with fifteen years experience in professional cookery. She has her own web site called Genevieve’s Cuisine where every dish is created by her.

When asked what was her inspiration for the web site and why her food writing differs from others, this is what Genevieve had to say:

"I have spent many hours myself searching the internet for recipe ideas and became tired of wading through hundreds of recipes on huge sites just to find one worth printing. I thought to myself why can’t every recipe be worth printing after all it isn’t the volume of recipes that give you a good culinary site, it’s the quality. The other factor I thought was missing was food photography. When chefs look through cookbooks for inspiration, they often only look at the pictures. This can be enough to inspire a new dish all by itself. If you can’t see the food you can’t imagine it.

I endeavoured to fill a gap by learning photography and to write about food leaving out everything I dislike about other food writers recipes."

To read more and obtain more recipes visit Genevieve’s Cuisine <click here>

While it is possible to use plain short grain rice when making risotto the end effect is not as good for the following reason - the cheaper rice does not have the capacity to hold as much liquid as arborio rice. This means the end product will be more like a light fried rice texture or the rice will overload with liquid and the granules will fall apart. A properly made risotto using arborio rice can hold a thick sauce with individually firm rice granules.

In this recipe there are two stages of cooking. After the first stage, if the rice is rapidly cooled, it can be chilled and reheated with the remaining wine and cream when you are ready to serve. This cuts the preparation time in half at the time of serving which is handy if you have guests.


For the risotto:
150g / 5 oz white onions peeled
1 garlic clove
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
400g / 14 oz arborio rice
600mls / 1 pint chicken stock
300mls / 1/2 pint white wine
1 ripe avocado mashed
90mls / 3 fl oz cream

For the prawns:
12 king prawns
Lemon zest
25mls / 1 fl oz or citrus infused olive oil
Sliced spring or green onion
1/2 chopped garlic clove
Salt and cracked pepper


For the risotto:

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C or 390°F
  • Heat the stock and 100mls or 3 1/2 fl oz of the wine to boiling point.
  • Put a large pot onto a low heat with the oil to heat slowly.
  • Chop the onions and the garlic as fine as you can and sweat in the oil for around 5 minutes, be careful not to brown them at all or the end result will be brown rice.
  • Stir in the rice then pour in the stock and wine and switch the heat to high. Make sure it is actually simmering when added, if it is to cold, you guessed it “brown rice”.
  • Once everything is in the pot and it has returned to a simmer, place an airtight lid on top or cover with foil and put in the oven for exactly 10 minutes.
  • Remove when the time is up, if you are using the rice later transfer to a deep tray and cool stirring occasionally to ensure the granules are loose from each other.
  • To serve simply heat the cream and the last of the wine in a pot and when it simmers add the rice.
  • Cook until the liquid has been soaked up by the rice then lastly stir in the salt and the mashed avocado. Bring back up to heat then serve immediately.

For the prawns:

  • Shell and gut the prawns then marinate in the above ingredients except the salt and pepper overnight if possible or for a minimum of 2 hours.

To serve:

  • Sear the prawns on a high heat for 2 minutes on each side seasoning with the salt and pepper then switch off the heat - they will finish cooking from the heat of the pan.
  • You can serve the risotto straight into a serving bowl or a large spoonful on a plate in the centre can look quite good. I used a small metal mould to shape the rice. If you choose this technique make sure the rice sits for at least three minutes in the mould so it has a chance to set then it will be less likely to collapse.
  • I garnished mine with parmesan, oregano leaves and citrus olive oil.

Serves 4

Genevieve McGough