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Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

This recipe comes from Paul Teclaff who, having used some of the recipes from Hub-UK, decided to contribute one of his own.

Paul briefly gave me a potted biography, "I am a forty-seven year old widower from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. My main interest is that I am Webmaster for the Lions Clubs International (BI&I) web site ( I am fortunate enough to still care for my ninety-four year old Mother-in-Law who taught me how to make Elderflower Champagne".

Paul is obviously someone who cooks without worrying about exact measurements as you will see from the recipe. If you need help send us an email <click here>


Brioche (sweet french bread)
Plain (70% cocoa) chocolate
Jersey milk
2 free-range eggs

See copy of email below


  • Slice and butter the brioche
  • Scatter some sugar and sultanas in a casserole dish
  • Layer some buttered brioche in casserole dish (stepped and just overlapping)
  • Grate a generous layer of chocolate on top of layered brioche
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3
  • Mix the two eggs with the milk in a jug and pour evenly over layers in dish so that the layers are almost covered.
  • Pour 3 - 4 cap fulls of brandy evenly over top layer
  • Sprinkle a final fine layer of sugar on top
  • Cover with foil and place in a preheated oven at gas mark 6 / 210°C
  • Remove foil after approximately 45 minutes and continue to cook until pudding rises
  • Serve with Creme Anglais*, custard and / or ice-cream

* See Tallyrand's recipe for Crème Anglaise <click here>

Serves 6

Paul Teclaff

Following an email requesting help with quantities this was the reply I sent out:

Hi Gail

I made the Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding for our main meal yesterday. Sitting down to eat were my wife and I together with a sixteen year old and an eleven and ten year old. Everyone loved it and the sixteen year old was ecstatic about it.

I used a circular Pyrex bowl to make it in which measured approximately 3" x 9". I think it would have been easier if I had used a square or rectangular bowl. The measurements I am giving you do not have to be exact but they will act as a good guide.

300gm Brioche (sweet French bread)
100gm Butter
125gm Sultanas
100gm Plain (70% cocoa) chocolate
100gm Sugar
25 fl oz Jersey milk
2 free-range eggs
2 fl oz Brandy

I bought my ingredients from Tescos as they sell a 400gm Brioche loaf which is ideal and their Finest dark chocolate is excellent and good value. (The Brioche I sliced about a centimetre thick - little finger size?)

I started grating the chocolate but that was no good as it was starting to melt with me holding it. I used a small electric chopper I have (I am lucky enough to own a Bamix) and would suggest putting the chocolate in the fridge to cool before doing it.

The sugar and sultanas could be increased from the amount I used if you like your desserts sweeter. You could also of course use a brown sugar.

The children had theirs served with Cornish ice cream whilst the adults favoured lashings of double cream!! This is my first bread and butter pudding and I have not eaten it since the early 60s as a schoolboy. Thank you for the inspiration.