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Lemon and Parsley Salt


This recipe was provided by Tallyrand in response to an email enquiry.

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This recipe for Lemon and Parsley Salt is published following a request from Ruth Shoulders who lives in Indianapolis, USA.


1 cup Maldon sea salt
1 pc lemon
2 tbs parsley – chopped finely


  • Remove the zest from the lemon using a zester and chop
  • With a pestle and mortar grind the salt, lemon zest and chopped parsley together until the salt is as fine as required
  • Sieve if required
  • Store in fully dry bottles or jars

Chef's tip:

After chopping the parsley ensure it is as dry as possible:

  • place into a tea towel
  • place under running water and squeeze until the water runs clear
  • remove from the tea towel and spread out to allow to dry slightly

A little lemon juice can be added when grinding, but the rub will require sieving afterwards.

Use a salt to sprinkle on French fries or wedges, or as a seasoning for meats
and fish prior to cooking.

Chef's terminology:

litres   tsp = teaspoon
millelitres   tbs = tablespoon
kilograms   sq = sufficient quantity (add to taste)
grams   pc = piece, meaning a whole one of

Enjoy and bon appetit . . . . .

Recipe from professional
Chef Tallyrand

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