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Spotted Dick

This recipe was provided by Tallyrand in response to an email enquiry.

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This recipe for Spotted Dick is for a 1.5lt pudding bowl.


350 gm self raising flour
175 gm suet or replace with 150 gm butter or margerine
125 gm brown sugar
1 pc lemon
3 pc egg
250 ml milk
200 gm currants
3 tspmixed spice
sq salt


  • Prepare the pudding bowl by rubbing extra butter all around the sides and bottom, lightly sprinkle with some castor sugar
  • Repeat with the lid or use a double layer of tin foil
  • Set aside until required
  • Soak the dried fruit in boiled, sugared water for 30 minutes and set aside until required (strain before use to remove the liquid)
  • Sieve the flour, mixed spice and salt together
  • Mix in the grated suet, sugar, soaked fruit and grated lemon zest
  • Mix to a medium dough/batter with the egg and milk
  • Pour the batter into a well greased and sugared (or floured) pudding bowl (it should be just over threequarters full)
  • Place on the cover and ensure a good seal (a well buttered cartouche may also be used)
  • Wrap in clingfilm to doubly ensure a good seal from the steam
  • Steam for approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours
  • Remove and allow to cool for 5 minutes
  • Remove clingfilm and lid
  • Run the tip of a small knife around the edges to loosen the pudding
  • Invert onto a plate and allow to sit for a few minutes, gravity should do the rest
  • Remove the bowl gently and serve while still hot
  • Serve with a butterscotch sauce or Crème Anglaise

To steam the puddings:

  • Place the pudding bowl in a large saucepan of water (water must only come half way up the side of bowl)
  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Place on a tight fitting lid
  • Allow to simmer gently with the lid on, topping up the water every 20 minutes or as required

Chef's Tip:

The fruits may also be soaked in other boiled liquids such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, wine etc depending on the required finish, taste, etc .

Enjoy and bon appetit . . . . .

sufficient quantity (add to taste)
piece, meaning a whole one of