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Laverbread Sauce

This recipe has been reproduced with the kind permission of Owen Jones, a fellow Welshman, and more recipes can be found on his website . . .

A traditional seaweed sauce for use with the Roast Monkfish in Lavabread Sauce recipe and others.


3 carrots
1 onion
3 sprigs parsley
5 pepper corns
1 pint milk
3 knobs butter
6 ozs processed laverbread
1 leek
2 stalks celery
1 large potato
1 bay leaf
1/4 pint Seville orange juice
2 tbspns cream


  • Make a strong stock using the first nine ingredients above.
  • Strain the stock, return half the potato to it, add the laverbread (which you may be able to find outside Wales in packet-form in specialised food shops), the cream and the butter.
  • Liquidise and add the Seville orange juice. When adding the juice, keep tasting. More or less may be needed; the sauce must be balanced.
  • Return the sauce to the heat and bring to just below boiling. Check the seasoning.

Serves 6

Owen Jones