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Chocolate Soufflés

This recipe comes from Chef Jonathan Arthur of Italy with Relish (Italian cooking holidays)

"I have always seemed to find myself by accident or design, in a kitchen. As the youngest child of a farming family in Cornwall I was always the one helping my mother make butter, bread and of course pasties. As a teenager in school we were allowed to chose between metalwork or domestic science, as the former was taught by a notorious sadist and the latter was full of girls and I was the only boy in the cooking class" - Italy with Relish web site

Not in the least bit traditional or particularly Italian though served in quite a few restaurants here. These chocolate soufflés have enough cholesterol to take a few minutes off your life but are wonderfully crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle, a chocoholics dream.


450g dark cooking chocolate
150g butter
50g flour
6 eggs


  • Soften the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water then add the butter, egg yokes and flour in that order stirring in each ingredient at a time.
  • Whisk the egg whites and fold into the mixture.
  • Pour into 6 individual aluminium foil baking cups and place in the freezer until hard, an hour should be enough.
  • When you want to serve place in pre-heated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes before tipping out onto individual dishes.
  • Garnish for kids with hundreds and thousands, for adults with fresh mint and if you want to show off, pour a little brandy over the top and light just before serving.

Chef Jonathan Arthur
Italy with Relish