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Caciotta Cheese and Chicory Salad

This recipe for Caciotta Cheese and Chicory Salad has been reproduced courtesy of Judy Ridgway - www.oliveoil.org.uk

Judy Ridgway is an olive oil expert and consultant. She is also an author, journalist and broadcaster specialising in all aspects of taste and flavour. She is an international judge and expert on olive oil and an acknowledged authority on wine, cheese, vinegar, mustard, condiments and charcuterie.

She has written more than 55 books on food and wine and is a regular contributor to a variety of trade and consumer publications. She also appears on radio and television.

Her work includes tutored tastings and seminars, staff training, product assessment, and consultancy work for public relations and promotional companies.

You can find out a lot more detail from Judy's web site www.oliveoil.org.uk

The idea for this simple but delicious salad comes from Laura Turri at Fratelli Turri srl. She is based in Cavaion Veronese on the eastern shores of Lake Garda. The company produces a range of extra virgin oils from the DOP regions nearby. I have chosen their flagship San Vigilio extra virgin olive oil with its wonderful mixture of local olive varieties: Casalivo, Less, Fort, Negrino, Trepp, Rossanel, Faverol and Corgnolar..

Ingredients for Caciotta Cheese and Chicory Salad

Caciotta cheese
Large handful of chicory (curly endive in the UK)
Sprigs of basil, sweet marjoram, sage, pennyroyal or oregano
Plenty of San Vigilio extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

How to make Caciotta Cheese and Chicory Salad

  • Cut the cheese into cubes and toss with the chicory and chosen herb.
  • Arrange on side plates.
  • Drizzle with olive oil, season and serve at once.

Judy Ridgway

Published with permission of Judy Ridgway