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Celeriac and Kohlrabi Rostis

This recipe for Rostis comes from Rosa Jackson who as just part of her busy life runs cooking courses in the south of France -

Rosa JacksonRosa grew up in a Canadian prairie city known for its giant mall. When her family moved to Paris for two years while she was growing up, she discovered patisseries and never looked back. Her early efforts at making croissants and eclairs were total flops but that didn't stop her. At 26 she left her job as a food writer at a daily Canadian newspaper and moved to Paris. After ten years in Paris, where she wrote about restaurants for a number of guidebooks and magazines and founded the company Edible Paris, she now spends most of her time in Nice where she teaches Provençal cooking in her home. She spends a few days every month in Paris keeping up with restaurants, conducting food tours, and sampling the finest patisseries and chocolates. With a charming French husband and food-loving young son, she considers her life just about perfect.

Just as it's not quite time to put away my winter coat, I can still get excited about the earthy taste of celery root (or celeriac) and the turnipy crunch of purple-skinned kohlrabi. I picked up one of each from an organic producer at the Libération market north of the train station in Nice last weekend, not quite knowing what I would do with them. As I was idly flipping through a folder of clipped recipes, I came across a brilliant idea from Clare Ferguson in an old (2005) issue of Homes and Gardens magazine.

Her recipe called only for celeriac, but as my root was small kohlrabi seemed the obvious addition. The use of chickpea flour made these rosti slightly reminiscent of socca, that Niçois classic (note: these rosti are gluten-free). I was also delighted that the recipe called for parsley stems, something I throw away unless I'm planning to make vegetable stock.

The tomato sauce with sweet chili that Ferguson suggests would have been perfect, but as a light lunch with salad and nothing else they were very good too . . . sweet, slightly nutty and fresh-tasting all at once.

Ingredients for Rostis

1 small celeriac (about 325 - 350 g)
1/2 kohlrabi (about 100 g)
50 g chickpea flour
A handful of parsley, stems and leaves
1 egg
2 tbsp cold water
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp cracked black peppercorns
Good quality olive oil, for frying

Celeriac and Kohlrabi RostisHow to make Rostis

  • Scrub and peel the celeriac and peel the kohlrabi. Shred coarsely by hand or using the grating attachment of your food processor.
  • If using the food processor (I did), replace the shredding blade with the chopping blade.
  • Add the chickpea flour, thinly sliced parsley leaves and stems, beaten egg, water, and seasonings. Process, in brief bursts, until the contents are fairly evenly mixed. By hand, simply mix well.
  • Heat a good tablespoon of oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Drop tablespoons of this mixture into the hot oil and cook for 2 - 3 minutes on each side, until browned and cooked through.
  • Set aside in a warm oven until all the rosti are cooked (you may need to cook them in two batches).
  • Serve alongside meat or with a tomato-chili sauce as a snack or light lunch.


If you do not have Kohlrabi available you can makes the rostis without it or substitute another vegetable of your choice.

Serves 4 - 6 as a side dish, 2 - 3 as a light lunch with salad

Rosa Jackson

Published with permission of Orce Serrano Hams