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Traditional French Tartiflette

Michel Roux of Le GavrocheThis recipe for Traditional French Tartiflette by Michel Roux comes from Albert Bartlett (www.albert-bartlett.co.uk), Britain’s leading grower and packer of root vegetables. A family business for more than 50 years, they are fiercely committed to natural farming with minimum interference.

Michel Roux is one of Britain’s most famous chefs. Since 1991 he has been Chef de Cuisine at Le Gavroche, his family’s celebrated London restaurant and the first in the UK to enjoy one, two and three star status in the Michelin Guide. A regular writer and broadcaster, Michel has won numerous culinary awards and was recently elected to membership of the prestigious Maitre Cuisinier de France.

This is just one of the range of recipes he has created to take advantage of the Rooster potato’s unique texture and flavour.

Ingredients for Traditional French Tartiflette

1kg Rooster’s boiled in salted water for 15mins
200g Smoked bacon
500g Reblochon cheese*
2Tablespoons vegetable oil, salt and pepper

*You can also use a good soft cows milkcheese

How to make Traditional French Tartiflette

  • Once the potatoes have cooled remove from the water and peel, then cut into large dice. The potato should still be firm and undercooked.
  • In a large frying pan, heat up the oil and then add the potatoes, shaking the pan to make sure they colour evenly.
  • Cut the smoked bacon into large dice and add to the pan.
  • Lightly season with salt and generously with pepper.
  • Once the potato and bacon have coloured, drain and place into an ovenproof dish.
  • Cover the potatoes with the sliced Reblochon (do not remove the skin of the cheese).
  • Place in an oven at 180°C for15 minutes and then under the grill for a few seconds to completely melt and brown the cheese.

Traditional French Tartiflette

Serves 4