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Smoked Venison and Peppered Pear Salad

This recipe for Smoked Venison and Peppered Pear Salad has been reproduced courtesy of Rannoch Smokery -

Rannoch Smokery is a company which was born out of bad weather and has grown and developed on the strength of a family's passion and creative thinking. Leo Barclay started the company, now run by son Richard, in the 1980s following a bad winter which prevented him getting his deer cull to market. Being an entrepreneur he brined the meat he was unable to get to market in a bath tub before slowly smoking it in a home-made smoker in the back garden, creating the first ever Rannoch Smokery Smoked Venison.

Twenty One years on the family still produces its flagship smoked venison along with many other products including smoked pheasant, smoked chicken, smoked goose and smoked duck many of which have won Great Taste Awards, the seal of quality food and drink. The business' first customer was Harrods, and continues to be a customer to this day, along with Waitrose, Sainsbury's Tesco, Jenners, Gleneagles, delicatessens and mail order customers.

Rannoch Smokery is a dedicated meat and game smoker passionate about quality and producing the best smoked meats from the hills surrounding Kinloch Rannoch in Scotland. Idylically situated at the heart of the Scottish Highlands in the shadow of the mystical Schiehallion Mountain (the fairy mountain of the Caledonians), Rannoch Smokery offers its customers a true flavour of romantic Scotland. Many of Rannoch Smokery's products are sourced locally including the red deer from the surrounding hills for their flagship Smoked Vension as well as lamb and beef from Aberdeenshire and Scottish smoked salmon to ensure the highest quality and taste.

Richard Barclay took over the reigns of the family business in 2000 and shares his father's captivating passion and drive to produce products of the highest quality and taste.

Smoked Venison and Peppered Pear Salad

Ingredients for Smoked Venison and Peppered Pear Salad

1 large firm pear, peeled, cored and cut into eight wedges
4tblsp cider venegar
2tblsp castor sugar
1tsp coarsley ground black pepper

1pack Rannoch Smokery sliced smoked venison
Small bag salad leaves
1 tblsp hazelnuts
Hazelnut oil to drizzle

How to make Smoked Venison and Peppered Pear Salad

  • Place the vinegar, sugar and pepper in a small frying pan and heat gently to dissolve the sugar then turn the heat up and place the pears in the liquid.
  • Boil furiously for a minute turning the pears to coat with the pepper then remove the pan from the heat.
  • Arrange the leaves, venison and hazelnuts in two shallow bowls.
  • Spoon the pears and their liquid round the plates, then drizzle a little hazelnut oil over the top.


Rannoch Smokery products are available in Waitrose, Harrods, Selfridges, Valvona & Crolla, delis, farm shops, speciality food stores and on line at

Serves 2

Rannoch Smokery

Published with permission of Rannoch Smokery