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Home Made Tomato Passata

natooraThis recipe for Home Made Tomato Passata has been reproduced courtesy of Natoora -

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On top of tasting best at this time of the year, tomatoes are also cheaper at the moment so it’s good to make the most of them by buying large quantities. Of course one can eat only so much, so what to do with them if you’re not feeding an army? Make passata!

Ingredients for Home Made Tomato Passata

5kg San Marzano tomatoes
2 onions
250g carrots
250g celery

How to make Home Made Tomato Passata

  • Wash the tomatoes, then roughly chop them.
  • Dice up the vegetables and put everything in a large pot.
  • Boil for half an hour, removing any water forming on the surface.
  • Puree in a moulin and pour into clean, dry jars.
  • Sterilise for 15 minutes (follows the jars manifacturer’s instructions) and once cool, close and store.

You will have a great base for any tomato sauce ready in minutes.

Notes on preserving

Always use sterilised jars, and make sure the vegs are perfect by discarding any speckled parts. This will ensure a perfect preserve and will make it last for longer! Always close the jars when the contents are cool, storing them in a cool dry place, away from the light. If you notice any activity in the jars or moulding, discard immediately and do not eat.

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Published with permission of Natoora