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Mark Hix’s Beetroot Salad with Smoked Anchovies

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Beetroot is enjoying something of a revival as people discover there’s more to this great British vegetable than they thought. You can now buy beetroot in so many different ways – raw, cooked, marinated, lightly pickled - there’s so much more to beetroot than the jar of pickled beetroot many of us will remember from our childhood.

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Mark Hix says: “Smoked anchovies are quite rare, quite delicious and very expensive. The Narden brand from Spain is sold by Brindisa in Borough Market, London SE1, or the shop in Exmouth Market, London EC1 (020-7407 1036, and other delis such as Rick Stein's in Padstow. They come in a can and have a short shelf-life, but taste as if freshly smoked. If you are struggling to find them, this recipe will work with good-quality canned or marinated anchovies but of course you won't get the smoky quality. You could also try smoked mackerel or eel.”

Mark Hix’s Beetroot Salad with Smoked AnchoviesIngredients for Beetroot Salad with Smoked Anchovies

1 can of smoked anchovies, drained
500g of cooked beetroot

For the dressing:
2 shallots, finely chopped
1tbsp chopped chives
½ tbsp white wine vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper

How to make Beetroot Salad with Smoked Anchovies

  • Cut the beetroot into 5mm slices and lay them on plates or a serving dish.
  • To make the dressing, mix together the ingredients, along with some seasoning.
  • Spoon it over the beetroot.
  • Arrange the anchovies on top.

Mark Hix

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