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Grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Butter

This recipe for Grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Butter has been reproduced courtesy of Orce Serrano Hams -

Orce Serrano Hams market a range of authentic Andalucian cured meats, in particular Serrano Hams, olive oils, vinegars and wines. The business is situated in the heart of the Andalucian countryside, which is the home of Serrano Hams, and ships direct from Spain. All of the products are locally produced with many being used in local restaurants and tapas bars where Serrano Ham is a great favourite. If you are looking for a taste of real Spain the Orce Serrano Hams can supply you with it!

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Spanish tostada recipe using iberico bellota ham and “setas” or wild mushrooms. This simple Spanish breakfast boasts a delicious rustic flavour with earthy hints from acorn fed Iberian ham coupled with lightly fried wild mushrooms. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil this variation of the classic Spanish tostada delivers some real Andalucian flavour. Ideal for a classy breakfast, starter or light lunch.

Ingredients for Grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Butter

4 Lamb leg steaks, inch thick
2 Sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves removed
4 Garlic cloves, crushed
Ground pepper
50mls Olive oil
40g Butter
Mixed salad

How to make Grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Butter

  • Mix the olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and place into a bowl / cazuela with the lamb, make sure all of the lamb has been covered and leave to marinade for at least 1 hour.
  • Place the lamb on the barbeque and cook for 5 minutes each side (slightly longer if you don’t like your lamb too rare).
  • Place the butter in a cazuela and put on the on the barbeque to melt.
  • Serve the lamb with fresh salad, crusty bread or vegetables of your choice and drizzle over the melted butter.
  • Garnish with parsley and enjoy.

Serves 4

Grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Butter

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Orce Serrano Hams

Published with permission of Orce Serrano Hams