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Taste TuscanyThis recipe for Titziana’s Bell Pepper Marmalade comes form Taste Tuscany which organises personalised wine and gastronomic tours and vacations in Tuscany.

Taste Tuscany is run by a group of girls, English and Italian, all enjoying life to the full in Tuscany, with its simple pleasures, excellent food and friendly locals. The aim of the business is also simple, to show others what a truly beautiful part of the world Tuscany really is, seen from the inside.

Arrive in Tuscany without their help and knowledge and you will probably miss 90% of what Tuscany and the Tuscan people really have to offer. Remember they live there! When you live somewhere you benefit from a knowledge and intimacy denied to normal visitors. Through Taste Tuscany you will experience the real Tuscany.

Bell Pepper MarmaladeFor all of you who have been to Fornacella and tasted Titziana’s fantastic Bell Pepper Marmalade with the Tuscan Pecorino Cheese.

Ingredients for Titziana’s Bell Pepper Marmalade

1.5 kg Bell Peppers
200ml White Vinegar
500g White Sugar
500g Brown Cane Sugar
I Tablespoon regular marmalade
Dash of Chilli Powder

How to make Titziana’s Bell Pepper Marmalade

  • The peppers are best if they’re quite mature. They need to be de-skinned and cleaned. To do this put them in a high oven (230°C / 450F°) for ten minutes.
  • Then put them in a plastic container or freezer bag. Seal and wait 10 more minutes. Then it will be easy to peel off skins and remove seeds.
  • If you have a passatutto use this to crush the peppers. If not mash with a fork or lightly in a blender.
  • Put the mashed peppers in a saucepan with the vinegar and sugar and cook on a low heat for 15 minutes. Add the chili pepper at this stage too.
  • Once cooked add the teaspoon of other marmalade and mix well.
  • The warm mix can now be put into jars and sealed.
  • To ensure preservation boil the filled/sealed jars for ten minutes in a pan and then leave to cool.

This marmalade is wonderful with Pecorino cheese!

Serves 4 - 6

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