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This recipe for Steamed Gigha Halibut with Scottish Asparagus and Gazpacho sauce comes from the Loch Fyne Oysters Shop.

Loch Fyne started with one inspirational idea - to grow oysters in the clear, fertile waters of Loch Fyne - and has developed into a cluster of businesses whose success is built on an honest approach to superb quality food.

All Loch Fyne businesses abide by the guiding environmental principles established by John Noble and Andy Lane at the outset. The companies work together to ensure that only the very best produce - farmed and fished to the highest quality and environmental standards - reaches the kitchens and plates of their customers.


4x 180gms Gigha Halibut fillets
Salt and freshly milled black pepper
100ml tomato juice
20ml sherry vinegar
100gms cucumber
60gms red onion
30gms spring onions
80ml extra virgin rapeseed oil
2 drops of Tabasco
Juice of ½ lime
50gms finely diced red pepper
50gms tomato concasse
300gm bunch of Seasonal Scottish Asparagus(May and June)
80gms chopped hazelnuts
100gms fresh white breadcrumbs
60gms melted butter


  • Heat the oven to 160°C.
  • Liquidise the tomato juice, sherry vinegar, cucumber, onions, lime juice, salt and pepper, tabasco and 80 ml rapeseed oil, pass through a fine sieve, reserve.
  • Heat a pan of boiling salted water, prepare and cook the asparagus al dente, carefully drain and cool, reserve.
  • Heat 30 gms of butter in a frying pan, brown the nuts and breadcrumbs, season, reserve.
  • Season the halibut fillets.
  • Heat 30 ml rapeseed oil in a non stick pan and sear the halibut fillets 4 minutes each side, place on a baking sheet, top the halibut fillets with the nut mixture and put in the oven to keep warm.

To serve:

  • Heat 4 main course bowls.
  • Warm the asparagus spears in a pan with butter, salt and pepper, drain.
  • Mix the diced red pepper and tomato concasse into the gazpacho and pour into the bowls.
  • Place the asparagus across the gazpacho and top with the halibut, serve immediately.

Chef's note:

A summer dish of chilled gazpacho and warm halibut, if preferred the gazpacho can be heated!

Serves 4


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