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Brit Spice by Manju MalhiIndian food is something I have always enjoyed, and yes in my youth I did the Vindaloo thing with my mates after a night out, but being able to cook it has always eluded me - partly by being daunted by the recipes and partly through being unable to find the ingredients. Many years ago I was given an Indian recipe book (late seventies) but for all the use it was it might have been written in a foreign language. Half of the ingredients I had never heard of and most of the others were almost impossible to obtain.

Times have changed since then but I have still regarded Indian cooking as a bit of a mystery - and, if I'm honest, all those ingredients seemed like too much trouble. But that was before . . . before I got my hands on a copy of 'Brit Spice' written by Manju Malhi.

You collect cookery books over the years and most of them, after an initial glance, are confined to reside, unopened, on the kitchen bookshelf. It is only one or two that become dog-eared and covered in food stains - the really useful ones! Brit Spice is destined to be one of the latter.

You have to get yourself a copy of this cookery book even if you have never aspired to cook Indian food. The recipes are fascinating, and make for a good read in themselves - it is one of the first cookery books I have sat and read a bit like reading a novel. But it is not just the recipes, Brit Spice dispels the illusion that it is impossible to cook Indian food. It explains what is involved. Do you know what Garam Masala is? I thought it was a strange name for some obscure Indian spice - it's not, it's a mixture of spices and "each Indian household produces its own unique blend of spices". The book tells you how to make your own.

Brit Spice is the book that will teach you about Indian food from utensils through spices to a complete range of recipes, some traditional Indian and some not quite so traditional, such as Masala Mushy Peas!

The book is well written in a relaxed style which makes it both easy to read, as well as easy to follow when preparing a recipe. All the information you require is contained within the book and none of the recipes are over complicated. A nice touch are the personal comments Manju has added to each recipe.

Brit Spice is published by Michael Joseph and available in all good book shops:


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About Brit Spice

What is Brit Spice? Like it says on the cover, it's fast, unfussy fantastic food. If you've ever been too scared to cook an Indian meal because of the complicated mix of spices involved, now is the time to brush your fears aside.

Manju dispels some of the myths about Indian cooking being too difficult or arduous - many of her recipes use no more than five spices and can be completed within half an hour.

Brit Spice contains 12 chapters and over 170 mouthwatering recipes - from traditional Indian favourites to Manju's 'Brit Indi' recipes, where anything from baked beans to bread and butter pudding are given an exotic twist.

Total beginners can start with the Ten Minute Chicken Curry or the Football Vindaloo. Manju's favourites include Baked Beans Balti and Potatoes with Dried Red Chilli. And for dessert why not try her mouthwatering Mango Crumble or Indian Fruit Smoothie?

It's never been easier to cook delicious Indian food - so why not experiment and make something a little different? Happy Brit Spice cooking!

About Manju

Manju first made her mark on the BBC Two Food & Drink show in 1999, beating hundreds of other competitors to secure a guest cookery slot. And she hasn't looked back. After the success of her 2001 TV series 'Simply Indian', she has now published her first book.

Manju's upbringing in the Indian community of Middlesex strongly influences her cooking style, yet she has given a modern twist to traditional methods to produce a 'Brit Indi' style of food. She has developed an unusual yet easy cuisine, simplifying complicated Indian dishes without the need for use of countless spices. Many of the recipes have their roots in recipes handed down from her mother.

Every dish in Brit Spice is accessible, easy to follow and quick to make, using ingredients that are readily available nationwide. Manju's favourites include Baked Beans Balti and Nachos with Cumin and Chilli. Her fresh approach makes Indian cookery a pleasure - not a daunting challenge - with consistently delicious results.

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