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Cooking for Coco - naturally delicious baby food recipes from a chef’s kitchen
by Sian Blunos

Sian Blunos - trained chef and wife of Master Chef and two Michelin-starred Chef Martin Blunos - used her unique blend of experience juggling bringing up the couple’s three children with the running of the family’s award-winning restaurant.

After training at the Stratford-upon-Avon Catering College, Sian worked as a commis chef at La Sorbonne in Oxford and ran a kitchen in Switzerland before meeting her future husband Martin in London. Three years after opening Lettonie in the late 1980’s, it became the first English establishment outside London to hold two Michelin stars.

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Like most busy mothers, Sian Blunos wanted to feed her baby well, but as a trained chef, working alongside her Michelin-starred chef husband, she didn’t have a lot of free time. Rather than rely on jarred baby food, she wanted to give her daughter dishes free from additives and excess salt and sugar. Her solution was to develop recipes using a wide variety of fresh, available foods, which could be batch cooked and used to stock the freezer.

Now, she always has on hand a range of delicious dishes that can be served up at any time, even when away from the kitchen, and you can, too. Sian advises how, with a little care and planning, you can give even the youngest of children the experience of good, fresh food, which is tasty and nutritious. There is an added benefit, too; babies raised on this type of food rarely become fussy eaters - good eating patterns become set for life. If you want to give your baby the best, given that time is limited, you can’t afford not to treat both of yourselves to this book.

  • Simple, easy-to-follow recipes
  • Dishes free from additives, excess salt and sugar
  • Recipes using fresh ingredients so parents know exactly what is going into their baby’s food and how tasty and nutritious it is
  • Precious time-saving advice on preparing meals in batches and stocking in the freezer
  • A variety of ingredients and flavours introduced early on so that children are less fussy and more willing to try new foods later in life
  • Hygiene tips to help parents prepare, store, and reheat baby foods safely
  • Meals at minimum cost but with the best of ingredients
  • Encourages good eating habits so that children are less likely to develop diet-based diseases


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